Langford Neighbourhood Plan

Know of someone who needs help filling in the Questionnaire?

Do you know of someone who needs help in filling in the questionnaire? This might be because:

  • they have no access to or are unable to use a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC
  • they have a visual or other impairment
  • they would feel more comfortable filling it in with the reassurance of someone else

Any smart device that connects to the Internet can be used to complete the anonymous questionnaire. There are several things you can do to help them:

  • allow them to complete the questionnaire on one of your devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC)
  • using one of your devices, read out the questions and record their responses for them
  • help them to attend the coffee and questionnaire sessions in the village (times, dates and venues to be confirmed) which will have equipment and people available to assist
  • contact one of the team through the `Contact’ section of the website.