Langford Neighbourhood Plan

Rejected: Loft Farm/Tithe Farm Close development (CB/18/02373)

On Wednesday 6th February at the CBC offices in Chicksands, Cllr Dixon, Cllr Gill Clarke and resident representative Tania Barr successfully fought against this development on grounds of unsatisfactory access and other concerns to do with the construction phase of the development.

The DMC refused approval of the Loft Farm development application on the basis of ‘significant loss of amenity to Langford residents, in particular Tithe Farm close and specifically to residents of No 14 Tithe Farm close’.

Whilst officially, the Council could not give any weight to the emerging Langford Neighbourhood Plan at its early stage of development, note was taken of the views of the Langford community as summarized in the questionnaire results which were published recently. This did make a difference!

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